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Krampus processions and Saint Nicholas Day

Krampus 9 TITEL

In the run-up to Christmas, Salzburg is not only known for its glittering markets and soothing carols. There is also a place for processions of evil creatures - Krampus! This ancient pagan tradition in the Alpine region is intertwined with the Christian feast of St. Nicholas (6 December), when Krampus scares disobedient children and St. Nicholas rewards the obedient. Events with Krampuses usually begin about two weeks before St. Nicholas.

Großglockner - the picturesque road to the top of the Austrian Alps

The Hohe Tauern National Park is undoubtedly one of the most amazing corners of the planet. With an area of 1,850 square kilometers the Hohe Tauern is the seventh largest national park in Europe after the parks of Iceland, France, Russia and Sweden.

The glory of baroque music in Salzburg!

The word "baroque" comes from Portuguese and means "pearl of irregular shape", from Italian this word translates as strange, bizarre. It should be noted that the term "Baroque" in relation to music appeared relatively recently. It was first used by the musicologist Kurt Sachs in 1919.

Organ concerts in Salzburg

Salzburg is an ecclesiastical metropolis, an archdiocese headed by an archbishop. The domes and spires of Catholic churches give the city a charming appearance. Organ music is an integral part of the Catholic liturgy. Most of the great classics wrote music for the church, including the great son of Salzburg - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

April weather in Salzburg 

The Austrians have a saying: "April macht was er will", which can be translated as "April does what it wants". This spring month is, as always, unpredictable. Daytime temperatures reach +20 and you're ready to say goodbye to your winter clothes.

March walk from Helbrunn Palace to the city center of Salzburg

March in Salzburg is such a wonderful month. While the ski season is still in full swing in the Alps, the sun is warming in the city and the first flowers are blooming.
For those of us who work in the tourism industry, it is high time to tune in to the working mood. I've just given my minibus for the technical check so that, hopefully, all my tours during the upcoming season will go smoothly, without breakdowns.
Since I am a pedestrian today, I decided to take a walk in the nearby Hellbrunn Park.
Palace Hellbrunn - March in Salzburg

The best ski resorts in the Salzburg region

Continuing the topic of skiing, I would like to recommend several other excellent resorts besides Grossarl-Dorfgastein and Flachau.

Best ski resorts near Salzburg - My recommendations


1 May is known throughout the world as Workers' Solidarity Day. But long before the emergence of trade unions on 30 April, it was customary in ancient Europe to hold triple processions of mummers who, with the sound of pipes, bells and rattles, chased away evil spirits on Walpurgis Night. Some people also raised the trunk of a centuries-old tree as a symbol of fertility and the beginning of summer. The tradition of putting up a maypole is common in many European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and some German states.

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Jousting tournaments in the Tyrolean town of Reutte, Austria

Holding knight festivals in our time is not uncommon. The epoch of the Middle Ages is of great interest to modern society. Time Travel Show (die Zeitreise) is one of the most famous festivals of the Middle Ages in Austria, which is held annually in the small town of Reutte in Tyrol. Near the Ehrenberg Castle ruins is built a settlement with artisans' houses, sites for jousting, and stages for musicians and illusionists.

Jousting tournaments in the Tyrolean town Reutte, Austria

Salzburg Zoo at the Palace Hellbrunn

The Salzburg Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. In the 15th century, a nursery with animals bred for princely hunting was first mentioned on the hill of Hellbrunn.

salzburg toptours zoo rhinos Austria

Tulip blooming in the Mirabell garden

Mirabell garden, with its stunning views of the fortress Hohensalzburg and the domes of the Cathedral, can rightfully be considered the triumphal gateway to Salzburg. Everyone who begins his acquaintance with the city from here understands that he has come to the once-rich capital of an independent state – the Principality of Salzburg.

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