Best ski areas of Salzburg

Continuing the topic of skiing, I would like to recommend several other excellent resorts besides Grossarl-Dorfgastein and Flachau.


The feast of May 1 is known all over the world as Workers' Solidarity Day. But long before the appearance of trade unions on April 30 in ancient Europe, it was customary to triple the processions of mummers who, with the noise of pipes, bells, and rattles, drove away evil spirits on the so-called Walpurgis Night. Some folks also raised the trunk of a century-old tree as a symbol of fertility and the onset of summer. The tradition of installing a maypole is common in many European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and some German lands.

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Jousting tournaments in the Tyrolean town of Reutte, Austria

Holding knight festivals in our time is not uncommon. The epoch of the Middle Ages is of great interest to modern society. Time Travel Show (die Zeitreise) is one of the most famous festivals of the Middle Ages in Austria, which is held annually in the small town of Reutte in Tyrol. Near the Ehrenberg Castle ruins is built a settlement with artisans' houses, sites for jousting, and stages for musicians and illusionists.

Jousting tournaments in the Tyrolean town Reutte, Austria

Salzburg Zoo at the palace Hellbrunn

The Salzburg Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. In the 15th century, a nursery with animals bred for princely hunting was first mentioned on the hill of Hellbrunn.

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Tulip blooming in the Mirabell garden

Mirabell garden, with its stunning views of the fortress Hohensalzburg and the domes of the Cathedral, can rightfully be considered the triumphal gateway to Salzburg. Everyone who begins his acquaintance with the city from here understands that he has come to the once-rich capital of an independent state – the Principality of Salzburg.

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My winter walk of Salzburg with a photo camera

We all love to travel and want to see as many countries and cities as possible, so we usually try not to go to the same place twice. But it also happens that one falls in love with a particular place and is ready to visit it as often as possible. Salzburg is one of those cities that it is impossible not to fall in love with. Salzburg is Austria's fourth most populous city, with a population of about 155,000 and an area of 65 km2.

 My winter walk of Salzburg with a photo camera - Erchard Chirch

The Eagle's Nest in the post-war years


The Eagle's Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus, is one of the most visited attractions in Germany. Every year, Hitler's mountain house, built-in 1938 on a rock with a height of 1834 meters, is visited by up to 500,000 people (open from May to the end of October).

And in the early 1950s, the American administration planned to blow up the Kelsteinhaus, as other buildings on the Obersalzberg were blown up, or rather what was left of them after the bombing. But due to the great interest of the American and British military in such an unusual mountain object and the frequent visits of high-ranking officials, the demolition never took place. Instead of disbanding their military base in Berchtesgaden, the Americans instructed the local and regional administration to get rid of the estate of the former dictator independently.

By the end of the 50s, the first tourists began to visit the Eagle's Nest, and the flow was only increasing; the explosion date was postponed several times. But the demands for demolition of buildings belonging to fascist functionaries remained in force. The competent policy of the Berchtesgaden authorities saved the Eagle's Nest.

They convinced the German government and the American administration that the Kelsteinhaus should be preserved for the benefit of society, and the funds that the use of the mountain house brought could be effectively directed to social projects and assistance to people affected by the war. So to this day, the house on Mount Kelstein, once owned by Hitler, stands in its place, and 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales go to social needs.

I offer you an excursion from Salzburg to the Bavarian Alps and the Eagle's Nest! Send your request via the feedback form. The tour is held from May to the end of October.

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