Narcissus Festival - Austria's largest flower event

The Salzkammergut lake district is rich in folk traditions. The festival of NARCISSUS flowers is one of the region's most colorful and largest events. It lasts four days and is held annually in the last days of May—early June in the Styrian town of Bad Aussee, 90 kilometers from Salzburg. 

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Easter traditions and events in Salzburg, Austria

Easter and Christmas are two of the most significant Christian feasts despite their pagan roots. 

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The Alm Canal (Almkanal) - a medieval water supply system of Salzburg

In the Middle Ages, the urban population faced an acute shortage of clean water. Typically, the wealthy preferred fermented drinks like beer and wine while only the poor consumed fresh water.

Top Tours - Alm canal spider - The medieval water supply of Salzburg.

The Village Fucking was renamed (posted in 2020)

The residents of the small village of Fucking in Upper Austria have become fed up with the overwhelming popularity and bizarre tourists.

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Obauer - Gourmet restaurant in the suburbs of Salzburg

I believe that we travel the world not only for visual experiences but also for unique gastronomic encounters. Salzburg and its surroundings have several restaurants where fine cuisine enthusiasts go, considering sightseeing as a secondary goal. One of these establishments is situated in the town of Werfen, which is about 50 kilometers away from Salzburg.

Obauer - a gourmet restaurant in the suburbs of Salzburg

Grüll fish farm, shop and restaurant of delicacies.

A production of white (golden), black and red caviar in Grödig bei Salzburg

Austria is a country that has a relatively low consumption of fish. Statisticsly, Austrians consume 90 kilograms of red meat annually, while only 8 kilograms of fish. Additionally, out of the almost 70,000 tons of annual fish consumption in Austria, only 3,800 tons are produced domestically as the country does not have access to the sea.

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Tradition of initiation into butchery in Salzburg - Metzgersprung

Butcher is one of the oldest and respected professions that involves working with the most desired food. The tools used by butchers, such as knives and cleavers, have made them intimidating figures throughout history. Therefore, they gained the most privileges, joined guilds, and had their own banners.

salzburg toptours butcher leap banner - Butcher initiation in Salzburg

Augustiner Brewery and the Tavern in Salzburg

Austria boasts centuries-old traditions in beer production. Salzburg has many good places to enjoy the malty drink, but one stands out—the Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln.


Carnival in Salzburg

February is a quiet time for tourism in Salzburg with most visitors being skiers who come from ski resorts for a day of sightseeing and shopping. However, this month is not without events. The carnival period (called in Austria FASCHING) is ending, so balls and masquerades are held in large drinking establishments. 

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Krampus runs and Saint Nicholas Day

As Christmas approaches, Salzburg is renowned not just for its dazzling markets and calming carols. It also has a special place for processions of evil creatures - Krampus! This ancient pagan tradition in the Alpine region is closely linked with the Christian festival of St. Nicholas (6th December). During this festival, Krampus terrifies disobedient children while St. Nicholas rewards the obedient ones. The events featuring Krampuses usually start around two weeks before St. Nicholas.

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Grossglockner - Austria's Highest Peak

The Hohe Tauern National Park is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. It spans an area of 1,850 square kilometers, making it the seventh-largest national park in Europe. It is only surpassed in size by the parks of Iceland, France, Russia, and Sweden.

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The glory of baroque music in Salzburg

The term "baroque" has its origin in the Portuguese language, which means "pearl of irregular shape". Italian translates it as "strange" or "bizarre". It is worth noting that the term "Baroque" was first used in relation to music by the musicologist Kurt Sachs in 1919.

Organ concerts in Salzburg

Salzburg is a city that holds great religious significance as it is an archdiocese governed by an archbishop. The Catholic churches located in the city are adorned with beautiful domes and spires that enhance its charm. Organ music plays a crucial role in the Catholic liturgy, with many famous classical composers, including the renowned Salzburg native, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, having composed music for the church.

April weather in Salzburg 

The Austrian saying "April macht was er will" translates to "April does what it wants". This unpredictable spring month can reach temperatures of +20C during the day.

March walk from Helbrunn Palace to the city center of Salzburg

March is a wonderful month in Salzburg. The ski season is still going strong in the Alps, while the sun is shining in the city and the first flowers bloom. As someone who works in the tourism industry, it's time for me to get into the working mood. I just brought my minibus in for a technical check so that, hopefully, all my tours during the upcoming season will go smoothly without any breakdowns. Today, since I'm on foot, I decided to walk in the nearby Hellbrunn Park.
Palace Hellbrunn - March in Salzburg

Top ski resorts in the Salzburg region

Mühlbach am Hochkönig is a resort situated 60 kilometers away from Salzburg. Although it may not be as well-known among foreign visitors as Zell am See or Kaprun, the quality of the slopes is in no way inferior to them.

Best ski resorts near Salzburg - My recommendations

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