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The world of giant glaciers Eisriesenwelt.

The tour from Salzburg to the largest Ice Cave in the world.

The world of giant glaciers Eisriesenwelt.  The tour from Salzburg to the biggest Ice Cave in the world.

Eisriesenwelt is a system of substantially interconnected caves stretching through the bowels of the mountains for 42 kilometers. The areas closest to the surface are covered with centuries-old ice formations that are constantly growing and changing their shape. 

The cave was discovered by the Austrian naturalist speleologist Anton Posselt in 1879. Subsequent explorers moved kilometers deep into the mountain, spreading afterward the fame of giant glaciers far beyond Austria. By the middle of the 20th century, municipal authorities with private investors built a cable car, making the unique natural attraction publicly accessible.

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Despite the benefits of civilization, visitors have to overcome on foot for a significant part of the way. The tour inside the cave lasts for about an hour.

On the way to the caves, I will tell you about the area, the people living there, the geography, the geology and much more.

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 We will get to an altitude of 1700 meters and see a beautiful panorama of the Salzach River valley embraced by the Alps.

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Remember that these are ICE CAVES! This means that the average temperature is below zero. Therefore, warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes are required!
The excursion from Salzburg takes 5 to 8 hours, depending on program.
The tour is available from 1 May to 27 October.