How to get from Vienna to Salzburg on a guided tour

The length of the Austrian Republic from west to east is approximately 660 kilometers. Vienna is located on the eastern edge of the country, and Salzburg is in its central part. The distance from Vienna to Salzburg is about 300 kilometers. 

Vienna attracts the largest number of visitors as a cultural, historical and business center of Austria, and as a major transport hub of the country. 

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How to get from Vienna to Salzburg? The most convenient and affordable way - is by train.

Two companies in Austria carry out rail transportation: the state-owned ÖBB and the private Westbahn Railways

ÖBB Rail Jet departs from Vienna's main station Wien Hauptbahnhof; the carriages are red-colored, divided into classes 1 and 2, seats can be reserved for an additional fee of 8 euros, there is a restaurant car and free Wi-Fi throughout the train. If you are traveling with children, you can choose a family carriage, where cartoons are shown and there are free board games. Trains run at a speed of 200 - 230 km/h and reach Salzburg in an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Tickets can be purchased on the website, at the train station at the ticket office, ticket machine or some euro more expensive directly on the train. 

The discount on ÖBB tickets is called Sparschiene. Getting a discount (can be up to 50%), you will have to travel on a certain train at a certain time and you cannot refund such a ticket. With a regular ticket, you can take any train during this day. The earlier you book a ticket, the more chances to buy a ticket with a discount Sparschiene.

The ticket price Vienna - Salzburg varies from 40 to 60 euros one way depending on the kind of train and Sparschiene discount.

The train departs from Vienna Airport SCHWECHAT, holding on the Vienna's main station. So, there is a direct connection between Vienna Airport and Salzburg!

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The Westbahn (Western Railways) departs from the west station Wien Westbahnhof. The trains have their signature style of white-blue-green coloring. The carriages are clean and comfortable, there are Wi-Fi on board, power sockets and USB connectors.

The tickets for Westbahn are sold online on the website and directly on the train 4 euros more expensive. Reservation of seats costs an additional 8 euros. There are also ticket machines and one Westbahn ticket office only in Vienna West Train Station (Westbahnhof). 

A ticket from Vienna - to Salzburg with Westbahn costs online 41 euros one way (prices 2022).

The journey to Salzburg via Linz lasts about 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

After a stop in Salzburg the Westbahn trains go further nonstop to Munich. The way from Vienna to München takes 4 hours and costs 80 euros (price 2022).  

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Many tourists come to Salzburg from Vienna just for one day. And there is not much time remains to orient in the city and get the colorful impressions from it. Therefore, I offer an interesting sightseeing tour of Salzburg, starting directly from the main station, where we meet at the entrance to the SPAR grocery store in the main hall. 

There are several tour options for one-day-visitors:

1. A 2-2,5 hour classic walking tour of Salzburg. The program is light and informative. Everything you need for the first acquaintance with Salzburg.

2. If you are interested in a more detailed exploration of Salzburg, the city tour can be combined with visiting the Mozart Museum and the Fortress. Duration 3.5 - 4 hours.

3. On a car-walking tour I will first drive you around the historical sites in the new part of Salzburg. There will be an opportunity to touch on the topic of everyday life in Salzburg. In addition to the Hellbrunn and Leopoldskron palaces, we will visit Hangar-7 with an aircraft exhibition of Flying Bulls. After we'll park the car and in 1.5 hours exploring the old town on foot. The whole tour takes 3.5 - 4 hours.

4. The Tour of Salzburg + lake district of Salzkammergut. You will have to arrive early and take the whole day for the program. A trip to Hallstatt is also possible with ending at the nearest train station on the way to Vienna.


The cost of the tours depends on the program, duration and number of participants. Send me your request. I will answer you as soon as possible with a description and price proposal. 


For excursions around Salzburg, I recommend using the services of Salzburg Guides. The official Austria Guides have a badge. 


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