Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Fountains

Most of you probably know that Salzburg is the birthplace of the great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. However, did you know that his first employer was the archbishop of Salzburg, who was the most powerful man in the ecclesiastical principality? The archbishops had ruled the principality for more than 800 years. Four hundred years ago, the Hellbrunn Palace and its gardens were established, serving as a summer residence and hunting grounds for the archbishops of Salzburg.

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The area surrounding the palace had an abundance of natural springs, which the Italian architect Santino Solari used to create unique and extravagant fountains for his employer, Archbishop Marcus Sitticus. During summer days, the archbishop would entertain his guests with princely hunts, ending with a feast on the palace's outdoor terrace. The guests often indulged in wine and other drinks, forgetting and behaving too freely. This was the perfect opportunity for Marcus Sitticus to play a trick on them. At his signal, water would shoot from unexpected places, making the guests laugh and sober up. 

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If you are interested in experiencing the archbishop's sense of humor, you can take a tour of the Hellbrunn Palace with me. I would happily guide you through the palace's history and highlight any details you might miss. Additionally, I can offer you an exciting program that includes a walk along the alley of fountains and other less-explored garden corners.

The trick fountains are open from April 1 to November 1, but please be aware that since they are fountains, they can be damp, and since they are tricky, they can be wet for you! The tour's duration ranges from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the program. I recommend combining the tour with a visit to HANGAR-7 or a full-day combinative city tour by car and walking. If you're interested, feel free to request an extended version of the tour to the Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Fountains!

Feel FREE to send me your enquiry for detailed information and an exact price.

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