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 Excursion to the Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Fountains

salzburg toptours hellbrunn mask 

Most of you know that Salzburg is the town where the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

Did you know who was the first employer he wrote his brilliant compositions for? For the archbishop of Salzburg, the mightiest man in the ecclesiastical principality. 

The archbishops ruled the principality for 800 years.

salzburg toptours Tour of Salzburg with visinting of Hellbrunn Palace and tricky fountains

The Hellbrunn Palace and its gardens were created four hundred years ago, serving as a summer recreation residence and hunting grounds for the Salzburg archbishops.

They had no shortage of love for social pleasures in the vicinity of Hellbrunn Hill, gush from the ground springs from the deep glaciers of Untersberg Mountain.

Italian architect Santino Solari used them to create outlandish fountains for his employer, Archbishop Marcus Sitticus.

salzburg toptours hellbrunn jets Tour of Salzburg with visinting of Hellbrunn Palace and tricky fountains

When the archbishop came to the Hellbrunn gardens on summer days, surrounded by his guests, he arranged a princely hunt, which ended with a magnificent feast on the outdoor terrace in front of the palace.

Wine and other drinks flowed like a river. Getting drunk and gorging themselves to the point of failure, the guests forgot themselves and began to behave too freely.

This is what Marcus Sitticus was waiting for. At his signal, the water started to shoot from unexpected places, making the noble audience laugh and sober up.

salzburg toptours hellbrunn theatre Tour of Salzburg with visinting of Hellbrunn Palace and tricky fountains 

Would you like to become an Archbishop's guest and experience his sense of humor? If so, I invite you to take a tour of Hellbrunn Palace. I will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the palace's history and draw your attention to those details that you will not notice yourself. Furthermore, I will be glad to offer you an exciting program, which may include a walk along the alley of fountains and many other less explored corners of the garden. 

salzburg toptours hellbrunn table Tour of Salzburg for children and all family 

It is essential to understand that these are fountains, so they will be damp. And since they are tricky, they will be wet for you! So there should be no offenses here.

The tour duration is from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the program. I recommend combining the tour with a visit to HANGAR-7 or a full-day combinative city tour by car and walking.

Request for an extended version of the tour to the Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Fountains!


The trick fountains are open from April 1 to November 1

 exellent tour of Salzburg for all family - salzburg toptours hellbrunn palace and the historical water games