Narcissus Festival - Austria's largest flower event

The Salzkammergut lake district is rich in folk traditions. The festival of NARCISSUS flowers is one of the region's most colorful and largest events. It lasts four days and is held annually in the last days of May—early June in the Styrian town of Bad Aussee, 90 kilometers from Salzburg. 

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A few months before the event, residents of the Ausseeland region apply to take part in the competition. These can be local families and organizations. During the first days of the festival, 30-40 teams come up with their figure, weave a wire frame, and weave thousands of daffodil flowers into it. The festival guests may also participate in creating a future masterpiece. Each year, something new and original must be presented to the parade's audience. Previous year's winners can participate in the competition as guests of honor.

 An integral part of the festival is a beauty contest among the girls of Ausseeland. At the beginning of the week, the Queen of the Narcissus is chosen to be the hostess of Austria's largest flower event. During the four days in the region of Bad Aussee, various events take place, including concerts, singing and dancing competitions, needlework and folk art masterclasses.

On the festival's final day, Sunday, the central town of Bad Aussee plays host to the main procession. The procession is led by the Mayor of Bad Aussee, the Queen and Princesses of Narcissus, and various musical groups. Following them are members of historical guilds, farmers, and other festival participants who carry their works of art on tractors and cars.

The procession then moves towards the Grundlsee or Altausee lakes (the location changes yearly), where the flower figures are loaded onto rafts using cranes. The competition participants sit on traditional Zille boats and tow the flower figures on rafts along the shore in front of spectators and judges. The jury selects the most original and professionally woven figure and awards the winners. Finally, in the evening, colorful fireworks are set off over the lake, bringing the festival to a close.

The Narcissus Festival attracts tens of thousands of people. It is particularly popular with German and Austrian tourists.

The Narcissus Flower Festival attracts tens of thousands of people. The event is particularly popular with German and Austrian tourists, but many tourists also come from Eastern Europe. The admission fee for the festival area is around 20 euros per person. The busiest days are typically Saturday and Sunday.

The weather is usually hot at the beginning of June. To stay safe and comfortable, it is advisable to bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of drinking water. There are many local fast food stands and restaurants around the party area, but finding a free table can be challenging. 

The exact time of the FLOWER FEAST varies slightly every year. Refer to the official website of the organizer to check the dates of the parade and the program:

The 2024 Narcissus Festival faced a shortage of daffodils, due to an unusually warm spring. Therefore, the lack of daffodils will be filled with flowers of other varieties.

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