Salzburg сity tour on foot and by car 

Salzburg is a compact city and exploring it on foot is a pleasure. But what if it's raining, you're traveling with elderly relatives and small children, or you want to see more of Salzburg? Then the perfect option for you is to book a 4-hour car-walking tour - the most versatile, complete and informative tour of Salzburg!

Walking and driving City Tour of Salzburg

We will start the tour from your hotel or the central station if you are staying here just for the day. Our tour will begin with visiting the historical sites located in the new town. At this point, there will be an opportunity to talk about contemporary life in Salzburg, traditions, culture, joys and sorrows of daily life. The city is spacious, green and has a thriving private sector. There are a few historic palaces and castles on the city's outskirts, such as Leopoldskron, Hellbrunn, Klessheim. You will see Salzburg from a different perspective by visiting Red Bull's Hangar-7 with its aircraft rarities and Formula-1 bolides. 


In the second part of the tour, we will walk through the Old Town for about 1,5 - 2 hours, seeing Salzburg's highlights such as Mozart's birth house, Cathedral, festival halls, saint Peter's monastery and many more. 

Tour of Salzburg by minibus and on foot

I can suggest a few options for the car-walking tour of Salzburg. Contact me and I will send you the plan with costs.

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