Exciting Salzburg city tour by car and on foot

Salzburg is a compact city, and it's a pleasure to explore it by walking. But what if the weather is rainy, or you are traveling with elderly relatives and young children, or you'd like to get more knowledge about Salzburg? Then the perfect option for you is to order a 4-hour car-walking tour - the most complete, universal, and informative tour of Salzburg!

Walking and driving City Tour of Salzburg

We would start the tour from your hotel or the central station if you came to Salzburg just for one day. First, we will visit the historical sites in the new town. At this time, there will be an occasion to talk about the current life in Salzburg, traditions, culture, joys, and worries in daily life. You will not see skyscrapers or dense building quarters. The city is spacious, green, and has a thriving private sector. There are numerous villas, historical palaces, and castles on the outskirts. In addition to the two courts of Leopoldskron and Hellbrunn, we will also visit the exhibition of the aircraft Hangar-7, which belongs to the Red Bull company. 

In the second part of the tour, we will walk through the old town's pedestrian zone. Before that, I will already tell you about the past and present of Salzburg in the car, so you won't have to stand still for a long time listening to the background. We will explore the old town in 2 hours and finish the tour in a good restaurant or back in your hotel. 

Tour of Salzburg by minibus and on foot

I have several options for the car-walking tour of Salzburg with different duration and a set of attractions depending on the time of year and the time you have available. Contact me, and I will send you my proposals with the cost. 


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