The glory of baroque music in Salzburg

The term "baroque" has its origin in the Portuguese language, which means "pearl of irregular shape". Italian translates it as "strange" or "bizarre". It is worth noting that the term "Baroque" was first used in relation to music by the musicologist Kurt Sachs in 1919.

 During the Renaissance, music was characterized by smooth harmony, balance, and optimism. However, in the Baroque period, composers paid closer attention to a person's inner feelings and emotions. This led to the creation of new musical forms and means of expression that could convey the smallest nuances of the human soul. The choral polyphony of the Renaissance was replaced by melodic monotony, which was technically difficult and featured virtuoso passages in singing, simultaneous sounding of many instruments, unexpected transitions, and the use of dance rhythms. The Baroque era saw the emergence of orchestras in music, while the harpsichord and organ became the most popular instruments. Plucked, strung, and woodwind instruments such as the viola, baroque guitar, cello, double bass, various flutes, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon were also widely used. These instruments were able to express the spirit of this deep and unbalanced era. If you want to experience this unique era, Salzburg is the perfect place to immerse yourself in it. Enjoy!


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