The glory of baroque music in Salzburg!

The word "baroque" comes from Portuguese and means "pearl of irregular shape", from Italian this word translates as strange, bizarre. It should be noted that the term "Baroque" in relation to music appeared relatively recently. It was first used by the musicologist Kurt Sachs in 1919.

The smooth harmony, balance, and optimism of the Renaissance were replaced by the composers' close attention to the inner feelings of a person. In order to express the smallest emotion of the human soul, music needed new specific forms and means. The choral polyphony of the Renaissance was replaced by melodic monotony, capable of touching, technically difficult, virtuoso passages in singing, simultaneous sounding of many instruments, unexpected transitions, use of dance rhythms. In the Baroque period, orchestras appear in music. The harpsichord and organ become the most popular instruments of the Baroque. Plucked, stringed and woodwind instruments were also widely used: viola, baroque guitar, baroque violin, cello, double bass, various flutes, clarinet, oboe, bassoon. It is these instruments that, better than any other, have managed to express the spirit of this deep and unbalanced era that you can immerse yourself in every day in Salzburg. Enjoy it!