From Salzburg to Innsbruck. The tour to beautiful Tyrol 

 From Salzburg to Innsbruck. The tour to Tyrol

Tyrol is undoubtedly the most colorful land in Austria, after Salzburg, of course. How many associations arise with this name!? Tyrolean traditions, folklore, cuisine, yodeler singing, ski resorts.

From Salzburg to Innsbruck. The tour to Tyrol

The history of the region is filled with global events that have influenced the development of medieval Europe! The Tyrolean Alps abound with valuable resources, which many rulers of Europe wanted to take possession of. But, like most mountain volks, the rebellious Tyroleans did not allow to impose foreign rulers on their lows and culture. That is why you will not find anywhere else so many fortifications, fortresses and castles.

From Salzburg to Innsbruck. The tour to Tyrol 

If for some reason Tyrol does not fit into the multi-day program of your trip, I suggest taking a ride for a one-day tour of Tyrol with departure from Salzburg.
The main destination of the trip is the city of Innsbruck, the capital of the federal state of Tyrol. For the rest, I developed several programs based on clients' interests. I will offer you some options to choose from, and you can decide which one would interest you the most. It is possible to visit mountain lakes, towns with well-preserved medieval architecture, the Swarovski Crystal World Museum and many more.

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It is possible to combine the excursion to Tyrol with a transfer if you are going to one of the ski resorts. If you are traveling in a small group of up to 8 people, then it makes sense to think about a tour to Tyrol for a few days.

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