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Großglockner - the picturesque road to the top of the Austrian Alps

The Hohe Tauern National Park is undoubtedly one of the most amazing corners of the planet. With an area of 1,850 square kilometers the Hohe Tauern is the seventh largest national park in Europe after the parks of Iceland, France, Russia and Sweden.

Its territory includes such attractions as Austria's largest waterfall, the Krimmler Waterfall, Austria's largest high-altitude hydroelectric power plant, the Kapruner Wasserkraftwerk, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps chain, the Grossglockner, as well as countless glaciers, ski resorts, thermal springs, gorges and canyons.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road was built in 1934. In those difficult times, titanic efforts were made to lay 49 kilometers of pavement through the most challenging mountain terrain. To this day, the construction of the road has paid off dozens of times over! About 1,000,000 visitors with 310,000 vehicles come here every year to admire the Alps.

If you ask me about my favorite tour, which I am ready to do every day, it will be a trip to the Grossglockner! Over the years of working as a guide in Salzburg, I have developed at least five different programs related to the Panorama Road. I am happy to offer you my excursions. Please send me your request!


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