Organ concerts in Salzburg

Salzburg is an ecclesiastical metropolis, an archdiocese headed by an archbishop. The domes and spires of Catholic churches give the city a charming appearance. Organ music is an integral part of the Catholic liturgy. Most of the great classics wrote music for the church, including the great son of Salzburg - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Going to church for an organ music concert should be something special, not an everyday occurrence. Therefore, you need to check the dates of the "big" concerts in advance. Usually, the performances are timed to some event. For example, during the summer music festivals in July and August, the fall church music festival in October, during the Christmas season, and of course during Sunday services. Concerts are paid (no more than 30 euros) and some are for free donations. Usually, it is not necessary to reserve tickets in advance.

In recent years, the church leadership of the city of Salzburg has carried out financial reforms adapted to the current conditions. The entrance to the cathedral has become paid for tourists. The 5 euros paid for the ticket will now be used for the maintenance of the temple. There are also wonderful organ concerts in the cathedral every day (but Sunday), starting at 12:00, lasting 30 minutes and costing 6 euros. I recommend it to everyone! Amazing works are performed: for one organ, for two organs and for the main western organ. Salzburg Cathedral, the main church of the archdiocese, has seven organs! Several times a year, the cathedral's music program includes concerts for five and even seven organs.

Join my tours of Salzburg and I will provide you with detailed information about the dates of concerts and other cultural events.


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