Organ concerts in Salzburg

Salzburg is a city that holds great religious significance as it is an archdiocese governed by an archbishop. The Catholic churches located in the city are adorned with beautiful domes and spires that enhance its charm. Organ music plays a crucial role in the Catholic liturgy, with many famous classical composers, including the renowned Salzburg native, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, having composed music for the church.

 Attending an organ music concert in a church can be a unique experience that is not to be missed. It is important to check the dates of the "big" concerts in advance. These concerts are usually scheduled for specific events such as the summer music festivals in July and August, the fall church music festival in October, during the Christmas season, and of course, Sunday services. Concerts are reasonably priced, usually costing no more than 30 euros, and some are free of charge, accepting only donations. It is not usually necessary to reserve tickets in advance.

In recent years, the church leadership in the city of Salzburg has implemented financial reforms that are adapted to the current conditions. As a result, the entrance to Salzburg's cathedral is now paid for by tourists. The 5 euros paid for the ticket will be utilized for the upkeep of the temple.

Moreover, there are amazing organ concerts in the cathedral every day except Sunday. These concerts start at 12:00, last for 30 minutes and cost 9 euros. I strongly recommend attending these concerts as they perform fantastic works such as pieces for one organ, two organs, and the main western organ. Salzburg Cathedral, the main church of the archdiocese, has seven organs! Several times a year, the cathedral's music program includes concerts for five and even seven organs.

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