Salzburg Zoo at the Palace Hellbrunn

The Salzburg Zoo, one of Europe's oldest zoos, was first mentioned in the 15th century as a nursery for animals bred for princely hunting on the hill of Hellbrunn.

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Over time, the menagerie at Hellbrunn received several species from different countries and continents. In 1619, Archbishop Marcus Sitticus von Hohenems received parrots, pelicans, and turtles from his Italian relatives as a gift for Hellbrunn. Unfortunately, during the Napoleonic Wars, the nursery was destroyed. However, in 1961, the menagerie was revived as an Alpine zoo that focused on local fauna. The number of species has increased through animal exchange between various zoos, and the enclosures have been divided into sections based on their geographical origin: Eurasia, Africa, America, and Australia. Currently, the Salzburg Zoo houses around 1,200 animals of 140 species, cared for by 50 employees. The concept of cages does not exist here. Animals are kept in spacious aviaries that mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible, except for warm-loving animals who need to stay indoors during winter. 

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The rapid growth of the animal population is an important indicator that the zoo's pets are happy and healthy. For example, leopards that rarely breed in captivity receive contraceptives in their food. Recently, snow leopards, rhinos, and red pandas have had offspring. Although they live in open-air enclosures, flamingos and parrots do not attempt to fly away. Every year, a flock of vultures migrates from the central Alps to Hellbrunn Hill to nest. A group of lemurs moves freely around the zoo but always returns to their shelter in the evening. 

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In the Eurasia section, visitors can pet goats and rabbits. There are also playgrounds and restaurants available. The Salzburg Zoo may not be as large as other zoos in major cities like Vienna or Munich, but it is definitely worth a visit. It promises to bring joy and pleasure to both you and your children. The zoo is open all year round, every day of the year.

From November through March, hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and from April to October, hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The entrance tickets for the year 2024 are as follows:

- Adult: 15 euros 

- Children (4 – 14 years old): 6 euros 

- Teenagers (under 19 years old): 9,50 euros 

- Pensioners: 13,50 euros 

You can reach the zoo from the center of Salzburg by taking bus No. 25 or a taxi, which will take you around 10-15 minutes.


If you are traveling with children and planning to take a walk in Hellbrunn, I would be happy to offer my guide services to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. Our tour will include visits to the zoo, Trick Fountains, a hunting palace, Gazebo from The Sound of Music film, and a hike up the hill of Hellbrunn. You can either visit the Hellbrunn palace separately or include it as part of the car-walking city tour in Salzburg.

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