The Village Fucking was renamed (posted in 2020)

The residents of the small village of Fucking in Upper Austria have become fed up with the overwhelming popularity and bizarre tourists.

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The problem faced by the community of 90 people was the disappearance of the road signs. Initially, the signs were stolen by unscrewing them from their posts. When the plates were welded on, the scamps started cutting them off. A new road sign and its installation cost over 2000 euros. Besides, in the absence of a sign, drivers may not know that they are driving through a populated area where it is necessary to slow down to 50 km/h, which poses a threat to the lives and health of the villagers.

But the real reason, which I can clearly follow, is that the village´s name Fucking, is a banned word abroad, making it significantly complicated for the Fuckingers to register anywhere and have this name in documents. Even writing about this topic is challenging because the CMS does not allow me the title "Fucking". I hope for Google's mercy.

Other reasons for me are more comical in nature and do not cause any inconvenience to the residents. On my tours, I touch on the topic of names, and funny situations related to them.

The name Fucking might seem to be a marketing gimmick or a joke, but no... Fucking, Petting or Pucking are of old Bavarian origin. In the Middle Ages, settlements were often named after landlords. So Fucking comes from the name Fuko or Foco and was first mentioned in chronicles in the 11th century. 

In 2021, the authorities of the village decided to replace the historical name of "Fucking" with a modern version, "Fugging", digging down their gold mine. Many people did not support that decision.

However, the convenience of the residents is a priority. And as it is common to say, this can only happen in Austria. 

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