Grossglockner - the tour to the highest mountain in Austria

Tour to the Grossglockner - The highest mountain in Austria in the national park Hohe Tauern - Tour Guide in Salzburg Eugene ☎️ +436508236890

What could be more beautiful than mountains? In my opinion, nothing! Visiting Salzburg, it's a sin not to go to admire the Alps. And as the highest mountain in Austria is relatively close to Salzburg, an excursion along the panoramic road to Grossglockner Mountain should be included in the program of your trip!

Tour from Salzburg to the highest mountain in Austria Grossglockner 📞 +436508236890 Tour Guide in Salzburg Eugene

The height of Grossglockner Mountain is 3798 meters. Of course, you can't get to the top of it by car. Here you will need a two or three-day hiking tour with a professional mountain guide. But I can get you to the foot of the mountain on tour Grossglockner HochalpenstrasseLet me impress you with my favorite alpine area of the National Park, Hohe Tauern.

Why should you go on this tour with me? 

- As the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße is my favorite tour, my clients get only the best: the most picturesque viewing stops, trails for hiking to the hidden beauties, meadows with groundhogs, cafes, and restaurants for a fabulous meal. 

- Secondly, I am a professional driver of a new minibus, which is essential on steep mountain serpentines. You will feel sure and comfortable while I am driving. 

- Third, I know what to tell about the area to make the tour informative and entertaining.


The total distance from Salzburg and return is about 350 kilometers. The journey from Salzburg to the checkpoint on the panoramic road takes about an hour and a half. The area around will amaze you with its beauty. First, we will go through the cute Alpine villages, river valleys, and gorges squeezed by rocks. Moving up the Hohalpenstrasse road, the picture outside the window will take your breath away. Every turn offers stunning views of the Alpine landscape.

The advantage of an individual tour by minibus is that we make stops wherever we want and spend as much time there as we want. We can visit any restaurant we like and hike deep into the mountains to the waterfalls.

Tour from Salzburg to the highest mountain in Austria Grossglockner 📞 +436508236890 Tour Guide in Salzburg Eugene

The leading destination of the tour is the view platform over the glacier Pasterze, where depending on the program and our arrangements, we can go down by funicular or take a hike for about 1.5 hours. 

It's no secret that glaciers are gradually melting due to the warming of the climate, and Pasterze is also losing its volume every year. Presumably, in 30-35 years, it will disappear completely. So take a chance while the glacier still exists.

Grossglockner - the tour to the highest mountain in Austria

One of the most vivid impressions of the trip remains from communication with the local inhabitants - groundhogs. On sunny slopes, the animals are pretty common and have some luck; we can feed them with carrots or apples. 

Tour from Salzburg to the highest mountain in Austria Grossglockner - Contact with Groundhogs 📞 +436508236890 Tour Guide in Salzburg Eugene

The tour is held from May to October!

The Grossglockner Hohalpenstrasse road usually opens end of April, but winter still reigns in the mountains at this time, so you should be dressed warmly. Therefore, the best time to go to the Grossglockner Panoramic Road is the second half of May and June.

July, August, and September are also good months, but the snow in the high mountains has already melted, and the Pasterze glacier is noticeably decreasing and becoming dark.

In October, the greenery fades, and there are often strong winds. On November 1, the Grossglocknerhochalpenstraße closes for the winter.


I have at least five different programs for this tour. I will send you more information about the options after your request. If you want to spend time relaxing and enjoying the views of the Alps, then you should go on the tour with me. 


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