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Grossglockner panoramic road - private tour from Salzburg to the highest mountain in Austria

In my opinion, there's nothing more breathtaking than mountains. If you're in Salzburg, it's a must to take in the views of the Alps and go on a scenic drive to Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. 

salzburg toptours grossglockner landscape eugene swarovski - Grossglockner panoramic road - private tour from Salzburg with tour guide Eugene ☎️ +436508236890 (Whatsapp)

The trip from Salzburg to the checkpoint on Panorama Road usually takes around 90 minutes. You'll be awestruck by the stunning natural surroundings along the way, which include charming alpine villages, river valleys, and rocky gorges. As we ascend the Hochalpenstrasse, the breathtaking views out the window will leave you speechless.

Our primary destination is the observation deck overlooking the Pasterze glacier, and depending on the itinerary, we may take a short hike or enjoy a delicious lunch at a high-quality restaurant. We may also visit the towns of Zell am See or Heiligenblut, depending on itinerary.

One of the most memorable experiences is interacting with the local inhabitants - groundhogs. These adorable animals are a common sight on the sunny slopes.

As we are all aware, the effects of global warming have resulted in the melting of glaciers, and Pasterze is not exempted from this phenomenon. It is projected that this glacier will completely vanish in 30-35 years. Therefore, it is advisable to seize the opportunity while it still exists.

I have multiple variations of this excursion, and I would be happy to share the details upon request. If you are looking to unwind and savor the breathtaking sights of the Alps, then joining me on this tour. 

The Grossglockner Hohalpenstrasse is open from May to October!


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