Salzburg Card and admission fees for museums in Salzburg

Salzburg is not only a picturesque city to admire from the outside, but it also has many fascinating museums and attractions that are worth exploring. However, visiting these places can be expensive. To make the most of your time and budget, it is advisable to learn the prices beforehand to calculate your expenses.


Here are the ticket prices for Salzburg's main tourist attractions in 2024:


Hohensalzburg FortressA round-trip funicular ticket with admission to two museums costs 14.00 euros for adults and 8.00 euros for children (Basic Ticket). Admission to three museums costs 17.60 euros (All-inclusive).

- Mozart's Birth House and Second Apartment: The cost for adults is 13.50 euros, while for children it is 3.50 euros.

- Museum of the Natural Sciences - Haus der Natur: The cost for adults is 12 euros, for children 8.50 euros.

- The Palace of the Archbishops and the Cathedral Quarter: The cost for adults is 13 euros and for children 5 euros.

- Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Fountains: It costs 14.00 euros for adults and 6.50 euros for children.

- Hellbrunn Zoo: The cost for adults is 14.00 euros, for children 9.00 euros.

- Boat trip on the Salzach River (April-November): Depending on the category - 16 euros, 18 euros, or 36 euros.

- Stiegl Brewing Museum - Stieglbrauwelt: The cost for adults is 19.90 euros, children 12.50 euros.

- Museum of Contemporary Art - Haus der Moderne: The cost for adults is 14.00 euros + lift, and children are FREE.

- Cable car to the Untresberg Mountain: The cost for adults is 32 euros, for children 16.50 euros.


If you are planning to spend one or two intensive days or even up to three days in Salzburg, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Salzburg Card. The tourist card includes discounted tickets to all the city's main attractions and free public transportation. With the 48- or 72-hour card, you can also enjoy a 10% discount on most daily concerts. Many hotels also offer a 10% discount for cardholders. Additionally, you can skip the line and enter most museums without waiting at the counter.
The price of the Salzburg Card

The Salzburg Card is a pass that provides access to various tourist attractions in Salzburg. The prices for the card are listed below:

- 24 hours: 31 euros for adults and 15,50 euros for children (6-15 years old) from May 1 to October 31. From November 1 to April 30, the price is 28 euros for adults and 14 euros for children.

- 48 hours: 40 euros for adults and 20 euros for children from May 1 to October 31. From November 1 to April 30, the price is 36 euros for adults and 18 euros for children.

- 72 hours: 46 euros for adults and 23 euros for children from May 1 to October 31. From November 1 to April 30, the price is 41 euros for adults and 20,50 euros for children.


The validity of the Salzburg Card begins from the first use and is counted in hours. If you intend to use public transportation, be sure to fill out the card with a pen before boarding, which should include the date, time, and your name. You may purchase the Salzburg Card at hotels and tourist information offices, such as the railway station and Mozart Square. I recommend buying the card online on Salzburg's tourism department websiteIt is essential to consider the time of year when purchasing the Salzburg Card, as not all attractions are accessible year-round due to seasonal breaks for maintenance or financial reasons.


If you are interested in joining my tour, I can provide you with information on local attractions including their opening hours and estimated duration. Additionally, I can assist you in planning your activities in Salzburg. If your group consists of 20 or more people, you may be eligible for a discounted Salzburg Card.

Please provide: 1. DATE. 2. Number of people. 3. Tour name/itinerary. 4. Hotel/Starting/ending location. 5. Desired tour duration. 6. Phone number with WhatsApp.

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