My winter walk of Salzburg with a photo camera

We all love to travel and want to see as many countries and cities in our lives as possible, so we usually try not to go to the same place twice. But it also happens that one falls in love with a particular place and is ready to visit it as often as possible. Salzburg is one of those cities that it is impossible not to fall in love with. Salzburg is the fourth most populous city in Austria with a population of about 150,000 people and an area of 65 km2.

 My winter walk of Salzburg with a photo camera - Erchard Chirch


salzburg guide winter walk old nonnberg convent
Salzburg is not a competitor to the capitals and large cities in terms of the number of museums, exhibitions and art galleries. It happened so, that due to wars and crises at different times, almost everything of value was taken out of here, including unique objects of art, priceless church utensils and ancient manuscripts. But what one couldn't have put into the pocket were perfectly preserved historical buildings from different epochs.

salzburg guide winter walk forterss back 

So who are the regulars of Salzburg who come here not for the first time? First of all, these are guests of music festivals, participants of international exhibitions, congresses and seminars. 

 salzburg guide winter walk old nonnberg erintrudis

Near Salzburg intersect the most important branches of highways. In the north direction from Salzburg are: Munich (130km) - Innsbruck (190km) - Switzerland (300km), in the east: Vienna (300km) - Czech Republic (200km) - Slovakia (350km) - Hungary (400km), to the south Italy (300km) - Slovenia (270km) - Croatia (350km). Passing through Salzburg, it's a sin not to stop by this beautiful town for at least a couple of hours to walk around the old town and drink a cup of coffee with an apple strudel.

salzburg guide winter walk getreidegasse 

If you are not coming to Salzburg for the first time, then I will be happy to offer an interesting program with visits to places where you have not been yet. During the tour, I will tell you in detail about Salzburg and its sights, not forgetting about interesting angles for photographing.

 salzburg guide winter walk old town dome

I can also offer you high-quality photography so that in addition to natural and architectural beauties, you are also in the frame.
These photos were taken in January 2021 during a walk on Mönchsberg mountain in the center of Salzburg.

salzburg guide winter walk old town embankment

salzburg guide winter walk old town embankment

Classic view of Salzburg from the embankment of the Salzach river. This point with one of the best views of the old town is included in the program of a photo tour of Salzburg.
Getreidegasse street with medieval burgher houses and wrought iron signs.


salzburg guide winter walk old town fortress cannon

salzburg guide winter walk old town fortress

salzburg guide winter walk old town mulln

salzburg guide winter walk old town sky

View of Salzburg from the Hohensalzburg fortress. There are so many interesting things to tell here.

salzburg guide winter walk old town

salzburg guide winter walk sphare

salzburg guide winter walk st peter


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